The mining coast. South-west Sardinia - Lino Cianciotto

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...tory/traditions, Mining Industry, Museum, South-West coast Sardinia, Sulcis Iglesiente, Tourism, Travel tips Posted on November 1, 2019 Pozzo Sella, stepping into an industrial past, with hidden gems and items you'd not expect to find in a workshop ... The mining coast. South-west Sardinia - Lino Cianciotto ... ... . Mining tourism in Sardinia will allow you to experience this journey. Especially visiting these five places. 1. Malfidano mine. In the northern part of Sulcis there is one of the most evocative symbols from Sardinia's mining past. It's not an easy task to name the top 10 beaches in south western Sardinia. There are way more than that! We'll give you a rough guide, so you can pick up a different one every day (and still miss out on the others if you don't stay more than 10 ... Libro The mining coast. South-west Sardinia - L ... ... . It's not an easy task to name the top 10 beaches in south western Sardinia. There are way more than that! We'll give you a rough guide, so you can pick up a different one every day (and still miss out on the others if you don't stay more than 10 days…). West Sardinia Walk - an interesting hike combining spectacular scenery and ancient sites on the south west coast of the island, along the Costa Verde. Experience beautiful beaches, Mediterranean macchia, natural springs, a Roman temple, ancient caves, granite plateau, cork trees and old mining trails whilst staying in agriturismi. For personal recommendations in Sardinia call the Island ... Pre-Roman ruins are scattered liberally across Sardinia but the island's pristine beaches are its biggest selling point - and South West Sardinia's shoreline has some of the best. Abandoned mines and some of Europe's tallest sand dunes are just some of the highlights to expect as you tour between hidden coves, passing juniper woods and sheer cliffs. All about the Sardinia By Bike - The Magical Southern Coast. Overview In the south-west of Sardinia, an easy route, suitable for everyone that will let you know the history, traditions, architecture and beaches of this part of Sardinia where rocky promontories, secluded coves, islands has as background the green of the coast and the blue of the sea with its clear waters. The peninsula's western coast provides some of the most alluring beaches: Mari Ermi and Is Aruta. Guided tour available on 23 rd June, 12 th September. Self Guided available on Saturdays 1st March to 30th November (or on other days with supplement) 2020 Itinerary for South West Coast of Sardinia A charming mountain bike tour to discover the beautiful coast of mines: spectacular single tracks in the thick of the forest, between the wilderness and the fascinating mining archeology From the village of Ingurtosu we reach the famous beach of Piscinas with its towering sand dunes. We cross a trail closed to cars, following the current of one of the creeks that run on the beach. The 30 Most beautiful Sardinia Beaches . Best Sardinia beaches from the North in Alghero to the South towards Cagliari . We tried to point out only some but the best Sardinia Beaches are so many and so beautiful that it's almost impossible to list them all. Start your journey with this incredible tour of 1000 miles around the island! Montevecchio, near Arbus, Once one of the most important mining centers in the region, become a mine of historical importance of Sardinia. The mining town, located in the south-west of the island allows visitors to visit a range of facilities. The place is now abandoned, nonetheless still exude a special charm. La mia "Top 6 beaches in South Sardinia" ️In molti mi chiedete sempre quali sono le migliori spiagge da visitare nel sud Sardegna, questa volta vi ho voluti accontentare con la mia personale ... A nice ride discovering the south west coast of Sardinia: the Costa Verde. Forget the big tourist resorts, this area of Sardinia is still totally intact and keeps the marks of the mining economy, flourishing until a few decades ago. The island of Sardinia is renowned for its crystal-clear sea and its white beaches.This exciting day trip from Cagliari will take you to the most beautiful beaches in the South-west Coast of Sardinia, where you will enjoy beautiful landscapes, swimming time and visits to important heritage sites. Masua Pan di Zucchero - sunset on the South West coast is a must when you visit Sardinia Buggerru and Cala Domestica (the latter also offers a beautiful and free trekking through a well signaled path) all deserve a visit, possibly in addition to a tour of the old mines. Information about North and South Sardinia. Find out the main differences between the northern and southern coast of the Island. From North to South, the island has some common traits: crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, a delicious cuisine and an ancient wine culture, welcoming tourist towns and inner areas where old tradi...